"The old website was like a Christmas tree" / Our MM shares his thoughts on the new website...


Looking back to November 2014 when we decided it's time to up our game, I must say I never picture this project to be the labour of love that it was. This was an absolute terrifying start, seeing that I have never built a website from the ground up nor worked on this specific e-commerce platform. The odds stacked against us.

Comparing the old hag to the new beaut on the block

Working on the previous site from a developer’s side was not all that bad, but from a user’s perspective_ well that’s another story. The layout was all wrong from the start in my opinion, and I'm a guy who likes to know where things are placed and have a hand in something from the start to ensure full understanding. So the frustration got to the point of no return... When the new site was still in its staging faze (not active), I sent it on to a few people whom opinion I respect and trust. The feedback we got was exactly what we were gunning for_ sleek and simple, with great content and most importantly finding what you want in just a few clicks! Now the old site wasn't terrible, it just wasn't "us" anymore. 

Yesterday in my meeting with our SEO guru (and that's quite literally his license plate) he gave a great example of why it was time for an upgrade, and I'm paraphrasing here: "The old website was like a Christmas tree". You go out tree shopping and find the perfect one and after you've purchased your tree you look for the perfect decorations. You get a few gold, silver and red balls and some matching garlands/tinsels (had to google that one). After setting up your tree, it looks amazing, as out of a magazine! Then years past on and each time around Christmas you buy something new for the tree to add. First a few purple balls, then the next year a few orange ones and so on. After 3-4 years of adding on each time, your tree still looks alight_but it has lost its magazine worthiness" . This was exactly the case! (Thanks for that Christopher)

What's on offer with the new one?

Well we have included a range of new products. Extending the website to offer more than just bed sets and mattresses, but also bedroom furniture and bed-accessories. The goal was to make this your one stop bedroom furniture site. Other inclusion such as our hospitality- , budget-  and premium range offers users a more redefined selection of products crafted for a specific customer. The content throughout the entire website has also been improved, giving a more in depth descriptive of each product paired with an adequate feature-list and seamless visual imagery, the website portrays each product to its fullest.

With major projects still in the pipeline for both the beds-on-line and OHMYSLEEP brand, I'm excited to venture into the unknown with my great marketing team and want to thank each person who had a hand in the build of  -needless to say-  one of the best and biggest e-commerce websites in South Africa! It was always at the back of my mind that this one is going to rock and be nothing less than the best in the industry!

Goodluck to her, she is an absolute beaut and I hope you all have a lovely online experience with her.

-Mike H