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Edblo is a proudly South African company that has been developing and manufacturing bed sets since 1927. Edblo bed sets will provide you with a great value for money and excellent comfort. Edblo and Beds Online have formed a close and strong business bond over our 19 years in business together. Selling Eblo bed sets for more than 19 years, we feel confident in knowing that Edblo is an excellent choice when considering to buy a new bed set or mattress.

Choosing a new bed is a very personal choice. One person’s cozy, luxurious mattress might be another person’s backache waiting to happen - that’s why Edblo offers four bed set ranges to choose from in their Supreme Collection. Edblo’s perfect categorization and many combinations available should help you in your search for your ultimate bed set or mattress! Each range offers a different support system, comfort level as well as some other additional features.

Edblo Energiser and Classic Collection feature the famed Bonnell Spring System which is tried, tested, and trusted worldwide! Bonnell Springs are round-topped, hour-glass shaped coils which are laced together with cross wire helicals. They are manufactured using the finest raw material, ensuring extra support and durability.

Edblo Pocket Collection offers you premium luxury with its Independent Pocket Spring System. Pocket springs are individual coils each encased in a fabric pocket that allow them to move independently and distribute your weight evenly. This unique feature allows the mattress to conform to the shape of your body which ensures that your spine is correctly aligned throughout the night.

We offer delivery throughout South Africa when purchasing any Edblo bed set or mattress online. Should you have queries, you can contact us for some expert advice – we are always happy to help!