Restonic Firm Orthopaedic MKII Double Mattress - Extra Length

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Specifications of the Restonic Firm Orthopaedic MKII

  • Firm Comfort
  • 110kg Per Person
  • Bonnel Spring System
  • Smart Active Foam
  • 2 Year Guarantee & 10 Year Warranty

What's inside this Restonic Mattress?

The comfort layers consist of 3 layers as shown on the image above. The Poly-Wool layer will aid in temperature control – keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Airzone Foam and Smart Active Foam will provide the comfort and support needed to ensure a comfortable night’s rest. An eco-friendly Durapad is placed between the mattress comfort layers and the spring system, preventing any possibility of spring-feel. 

The laminated finish on the mattress gives the mattress a unique luxurious look and adds durability to the mattress.

Marvelous Middle & Spring Support

Bonnel Spring System: Most of the mattress market is made up of either a Bonnel spring unit or some version of it. It's a well tried and tested spring which has been around for many years. Many have adopted the basic hourglass shape design and made their own modifications, further progressing the basic spring, adding more turns to the coil or by using electromagnetism in order to rearrange the spring's constituents for a longer lasting supportive feel. 

Marvelous Middle Technology: Probably one of the better, if not possibly best solutions to "center-third support", the Marvelous Middle used in this Restonic Firm Orthopaedic is a fairly simple design to understand. Four very high-density foam pads are horizontally slid through the Bonnel coils to create an additional strengthen middle support structure. These foam bars provide the necessary strengthening needed to support the uneven balance of weight distribution of the human body when laying on the mattress.

Final Thoughts for the Restonic Firm Orthopaedic MKII

Its rather simple, yet clever design allows for an affordable bed one can trust will deliver the necessary firm comfort and steady support one expects for a good night's rest. Another notable feature of the mattress is the foam encasement around the mattress, providing a firmer mattress edge for a greater sleeping surface.

Restonic Firm Orthopaedic MKII range will provide adequate support up to 110kg per person, with a firm comfort feel and would, therefore, be suitable in the main bedroom, children's room or guest room.


Mattress Range:
  • Restonic Orthopaedic Collection
Support Construction:
  • Bonnell Coil System
Mattress Comfort:
  • Firm Comfort
Comfort Layer:
  • High Density Foam
Mattress Top Design:
  • N/A
Mattress Height:
  • 26cm
Recommended Weight:
  • 110kg Per Person
Base Included:
  • No
Guarantee & Warranty :
  • 2 Year Guarantee & 10 Year Warranty
Bed Size:
  • Double Bed - 137cm Width
Bed Length:
  • Extra Length - 200cm Length


Bed Size:
Double 137cm
Extra Length (200cm)

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