Protect-a-Bed Classic Queen Mattress Protector

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Protect-a-Bed Classic Mattress Protector - Gone are the days where “sunning” out your mattress, because of spills, were the only way. Where sleeping on a sweat stained mattress is normal, and when your child has a little “accident” it feels like the end of the world. We are here to introduce to you the product that will not only make life A LOT easier, but also show you the benefits of its existence and why you shouldn’t be living without it. The Classic  mattress protector offers you a noiseless, discreet, luxurious and comfortable Mattress Protection Solution.

You may have heard of mattress protectors but might not be aware of all the benefits of using it. A mattress protector has several important functions: It works to prevent exposure to dust mites, and to increase quality of your life as well as the life of your mattress. Mattress protectors are ordered in the same size as you would purchase sheets (i.e. single size, king size, extra length size.)


Because a mattress protector is waterproof, it will repel liquids
Especially helpful with babies and young children, as night time wetting accidents can stain and will ruin the mattress
Using a mattress protector you can help to extend the life of your bed mattress
Protection: Anti-Allergy and protects mattress from accidental spills and perspiration
Protects against Skin Rashes and Outbreaks
Protects against Respiratory Ailments and Allergies
2 Year Limited Warranty
The Mattress Protectors can be washed in both Hot (Not hotter than 60 Degrees Celsius) and Cold water
Do NOT Dry clean. There is no warranty or guarantee if the products are damaged as a result of Dry Cleaning
Do NOT Iron. This will damage the Polyurethane Laminate
Can fit an Extra Length (200cm) mattress


Bed Size:
Queen 152cm

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