Benefits of pocket spring mattresses

One question we receive from our customers time and again is “What is the difference between a pocket spring and normal spring, and is it worth the extra money?”. In short, yes, it is definitely worth the investment!

What is a pocket spring?

Pocket springs are individual coils wrapped in a fabric casing and these casings are usually sewn together. Unlike conventional spring systems, pocket coils have the ability to move independently and not as an entire spring unit. Individual movement of the springs will offer better support, pressure point relief and will limit the motion transfer as well.

Benefits of Pocket Springs

1.     Minimal Movement Transfer

As mentioned above, pocket springs have the ability to move individually and therefore minimises the transfer of motion throughout the mattress. So, if your partner moves you do not have to!

2.     Pressure Relief and Total Body Support

Pocket spring mattresses are considered to be a premium type mattress and provide consistent, overall support. When combined with the correct comfort layers, pocket sprung mattresses will conform to the shape of your body and provide pressure point relief in areas such as your hips and shoulders.

Seeing that the springs adjust individually to your weight and shape of your body, it will ensure that your spine is aligned correctly throughout the night in any position, thus preventing general aches and pains.

3.     Most Versatile and Durable Spring System

Strong, durable pocket springs can support pretty much any shape and size. This makes it the perfect choice for couples with large weight differences as the pocket springs will adjust according to each individuals weight and therefore provide individualised support for each person.


Each manufacturer will have their own version of pocket springs but essentially, they will use the same basic principal. Being a premium type spring system in the mattress world, pocket spring mattresses will last approximately 10-12 years, depending on the quality of the spring and if you looked after your mattress by rotating your mattress regularly and also by using a mattress protector to keep your mattress more hygienic for longer.

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