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Slumberland Mattresses

As South Africans, we pride ourselves on heritage and humble beginnings. Since Slumberland started their story here in South Africa in 1967, they quickly became a quality mattress brand many came to trust and still do to this day. The iconic Slumberland Tiger is a noticeable sign one can look out for when shopping for quality and affordable mattresses in today's market. 

As they put it: "Slumberland is manufactured in the most technologically advanced bedding factory in the Southern Hemisphere and forms part of Southern Africa's leading bedding manufacturer group - Bravo Group Sleep Products."

All Slumberland mattresses are available in industry standard sizes, ranging from smallest, single mattress measured at a 91cm width to biggest mattress size, a king which measures at 183cm width. Also know that there are two mattress lengths available, standard length of 188cm and extra length, 200cm in length for extra feet-room.

Please note that all Slumberland Mattresses listed below is only for the mattress, should you look for an option where you can purchase the base and mattress together, view Slumberland Bed Sets and start your journey from there.