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Buy Edblo mattresses online at the best price and excellent service to match! Edblo is a proudly South African company that has been developing and manufacturing mattresses since 1927. Edblo mattresses provides customers with a great value for money option and excellent comfort. Edblo and Beds on line have formed a close and strong business bond over our 15 years in business together. Selling Eblo mattresses for more than 15 years, we feel confident in knowing that Eblo is an excellent choice when considering to buy a new mattress.

Each person is different in terms of their needs and preferences - that’s why Edblo offers three mattress ranges to choose from. This means customers are spoiled for choice when looking for "the perfect bed". Each mattress range offers different comfort, support and features - ranging in price, luxury and comfort: The Edblo Pocket Collection offers you premium luxury with its Pocket Spring System. The pocket springs are individually encased to allow the springs to move independently, ensuring a more comfortable nights rest without any partner disturbance thanks to great weight distribution across the entire mattress. The Edblo Energiser Range uses the ComfiCoil Spring System which is designed to increase edge-to-edge support, stability and strength. The spring system allows you to sleep right up to the edge, proving a larger sleeping surface whilst eliminating partner roll-together. Finally the Edblo Crown Range uses the internationally tried and tested Bonnell Spring System for durability and long lasting support.

All Eblo mattress are no-turn, meaning all the comfort layers are on one side of the mattress so that you never have to hassle with flipping over your mattress – this feature saves you effort. We offer nationwide delivery to anywhere in South Africa when purchasing any Eblo mattress. You can buy your Edblo mattress online, or should you have queries, you can contact us for assistants or some expert advice – happy to help!