Is a firm mattress the best option for a bad back?

Is a firm mattress the best option for back problems

If you suffer from back pain, it is vital to choose the right mattress for your sake and the sake of your health. For reasons unknown to us It has been the general belief of many that a firm mattress is the best option for a bad back or spinal problems. In fact, a mattress that is too firm can also cause more aches and pains, especially if you are a side sleeper.

Firm mattresses often do not support the natural curves of your spine and can cause painful pressure points. Pressure points are caused when the mattress does not conform to the natural shape of your body and can be felt mainly on your hips and shoulders. Numbness could be a sign of pressure point problems and this in turn can lead to tossing and turning during the night, and of course back pain.

Please Note: Always speak to a knowledgeable consultant first before buying a new bed. Our staff pride themselves in their expertise and understanding of the mattress trade. We always consider a customer’s personal attributes such as height, age, weight, etc before making any recommendations as it’s not just a matter of selling a mattress to you, but selling you the right one.

Too soft mattresses on the other hand could also have similar repercussions as they do not offer adequate support. Therefore, we usually would recommend a medium-firm or medium mattress for customers with back problems, depending on your personal preference. These mattresses will give you the necessary support as well as conform to the shape of the body.

Mattress Comfort Comparison

The type of material used in the comfort layer can also play an important role in the overall comfort and support of your mattress. If you are struggling with back problems, we recommend having a look at Latex comfort layers as Latex is naturally buoyant, giving you proper support as well as being able to conform to the shape of your body, ensuring your spine is correctly aligned throughout the night. Even a Latex and Memory Foam Combo should be fine.

Are Orthopaedic beds better than others?

We have many customers insisting on a ‘orthopaedic’ bed because that’s what you need for back problems – according to medical professionals. The term ‘Orthopaedic’ is an arbitrary term used by manufacturers to give customers the illusion of being superior to other bed sets. Just because a bed set does not state that it is an orthopaedic bed, does not mean it is in any way less supportive and comfortable. Yes, there are certain support structures in the mattress that are more suited to specific needs, but that mattress might not necessarily have the word ‘orthopaedic’ in its name.

If you are ever in doubt, simply contact us or give us a call on 0860 19 18 17 to discuss a specific model. Our bedding experts will give you the best advice and info on different support structures etc. and help you choose the perfect bed for you!

Hassle-free returns with a 14-night exchange guarantee

At Beds Online we offer a 14-night exchange guarantee as it will take no more than about 10 nights to determine if the mattress you purchased is the correct mattress for you. When you receive your mattress, take note of the support your mattress is offering you. Is your spine aligned properly? Do you feel pain or discomfort on the heavier parts of your body such as your hips and shoulders? Do you feel rested when you wake up in the morning?

Generally, the first 3 or 4 nights might seem a bit uncomfortable as it will take a while for your body to get used to the ‘new and improved’ position of the body. So, if you wake up with a few aches and pains in the initial days, don’t worry – that is completely normal. After the initial couple of days, you will get used to the new mattress and realise just how much better your body feels.

If for any reason, after about 10 nights you are still not satisfied with your mattress, please contact us to discuss. If necessary, we will then exchange your mattress for another model. (T’s & C’s Apply).

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