Hi Jenni, Thank you for the fast efficient service you gave me with the beds.
Perfect, thank you very much and thanks for the excellent service!
I felt I should write this to thank you both for the excellent service! The delivery went like clockwork and my wife told me when I got home how hugely impressed she was with the delivery guys and how super professional they acted and the care they took with the mattress..!! Jenni, as for the mattress.... heaven!!!!!! It may have been only one night sleeping on it, but it seems you certainly recommended just what we needed!! I woke up this morning with considerably less back pain than I have had in ages! So again, thank you both for a great service and a great product, delivered professionally!!
Hi Jenni, We just want to thank you most sincerely for all the hard work you put into getting us our mattresses at an excellent price. The delivery went well and we are really satisfied with the service your company provided from beginning to end. Our deep appreciation!
Great pro active service. Hope Jenni earns a good commission as well.
This is a fantastic service. Almost feels as if one is inside the shop and getting face to face service. Keep up the good work!
Excellent communication and well attended to :) Thanks for great service!
Awesome! Jenni is the best!
Brilliant, and such an unexpected service! Michael was extremely helpful!
Well done Jenni, 10 out of 10!
Fantastic, instantaneous, professional service. So much better than driving to far-away local suppliers or to go through dozens of frustrating telephone enquiries where many of those on the other end do not even know the basics of the product!
Hi Jenni - Just to let you know that we slept on our new bed last night for the first time and it was absolutely great. We like the firm feel and especially the fact that we don't disturb one another when turning over or getting up. Thanks for your great service and support.
Great service ... easy, fast and well priced :-)
Just a note to thank you for organizing the mattress for me at such short notice. It arrived safe and sound and is very comfortable. Thanks for your great service and I hope 2015 is a great year for you.
Met sulke diens kan mens mos werk! Baie dankie :)
Once again I would like to thank you for going out of your way to assist me – you have been absolutely GREAT!!! And we will definitely make use of you again in the future – it is soooo seldom you find someone that really wants to help you - Your company must thank their lucky stars to have you!
Thank you for your prompt and professional service. It is great doing business with you.
Hi Jenni. Thanks for the great service!!!
Bed installed at 6pm last night and what a blissful sleep we had. Thank you for your excellent service.
Thanks again for all of your assistance, and putting up with my millions of emails. You were an absolute pleasure to work with.
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