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  1. “Our online shopping process is simple, easy and convenient. You merely follow these short steps in order to purchase:
    •  Choose the product/s from our vast selection and add to cart.
    •  In the popup window, you can either checkout or continue shopping. 
    • Once you have completed your shopping, you can click on your basket in the top right of the site and checkout.
    •  You can then register, select your payment method, and complete your transaction.
    • After completion, you will receive an email confirming placement of your order.
  2. Your order will reach our consultants within a couple of minutes. They will initiate and email an invoice to you, which serves both as confirmation of your purchase/payment, and also needs to be retained for your guarantee/warranty purposes.
    • The various payment options that Beds on Line accepts are as follows:
    • Important Information relating to the payment methods:
      • CREDIT CARD ~ We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard. We can ensure that your online purchase is even safer than purchasing at any “walk-in” store due to the secure gateway that we utilize for our transactions. You are also able to purchase on your budget account and just need to advise us of the budget period.
      • EFT ~ Please utilize your name and the order number as your reference. After you have processed the EFT, we would like to request that you email ( the proof of payment to us, so that we can release the sales order for the products that you have purchased.
      • For any other queries that you may have with regards to the buying process or payment methods or if you wish to follow through with an order that you have placed, know that our consultants will be available on 0860 19 18 17 or on our online chat (bottom right) to answer your questions and assist you through the buying process. If it is easier you are also most welcome to send us an email (

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