Green Coil Renew Queen Bed Set (Extra Length)

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Luxury Crafted Bed Set.

Combining comfort and luxury with Green elements, the Green Coil Range offers you a more organic and healthier sleep solution. The Green Coil Renew is a fully turn-able mattress which helps prolong the mattresses lifespan. With an all-new Comfort Core 1000 Nested Series, the pocket spring system consists of a higher spring count per mattress than the average mattresses, offering you greater support and comfort. (Pocket spring: a spring that is individually encased in its own fabric pocket). The Green Coil Renew allows for virtually no partner disturbance, thanks to the pocket spring system mattress. The Zoned Centre provides your body with better support where it's needed the most, thanks to a higher concentration of springs in the centre of the mattress.

Argentum+ has been incorporated into the fabric, which provides the bed with an antibacterial finish, keeping your bed healthier for longer! The Argentum+ silver ions provide a highly effective moisture management technology that keeps your mattress cool, fresh and dry during your sleep. The pleasant softness of the mattress would make you never want to leave your bed again - and thanks to the ingeniously engineered Argentum+ Renew mattress, the effect will caress you night after night for a long lasting comfort effect.

Silver ions within the Green Coil Renew mattress act as an antibacterial property to help fight bacteria. Bacteria thrive on body moisture and warmth, this causes unpleasant odours and an unhealthy sleeping surface. Thanks to the silver ions, the silver component prevents the multiplication of bacteria and reduces allergies - this natural agent does not affect the natural balance of the skin. The Argentum+ mattress fabric adds natural hygiene and freshness to each bed, creating a healthy and luxurious sleeping surface that will be loved by all. The unique mattress feel gives you a plush yet supportive feel, thanks to the laminated latex comfort layers and wool quilting.

The Green Coil Renew single bed set includes a beautiful designer Bolstered Base with exquisite wooden feet for the perfect look to this luxuriously comfortable bed.

Aimed to the consumer who is health conscious and expects nothing less than premium comfort, great support and exquisite luxury... we would recommend this bed to anyone who shares our belief and passion that a bed is not just a bed, it’s the place where you spend a third of your life - so make it a comfortable place to be and more so a healthier one. Don't compromise your health or comfort!

You can purchase your new "green" bed set online or send us a message using our online contact form and we will have an experienced consultant contact you soonest. Manufacturing takes place exclusively in Cape Town and Gauteng, so availability is only to the greater Western Cape and greater Gauteng. Should you find yourself wanting to buy this bed set and not be in these two areas, please contact us so we can explain the additional delivery charge - at an additional fee, we can deliver to anywhere in South Africa.


Green Coil
Mattress Range:
  • Green Coil Aspire Collection
Support Construction:
  • Pocket Spring System
Mattress Comfort:
  • Medium Comfort
Comfort Layer:
  • Latex Foam
Mattress Top Design:
  • N/A
Mattress Height:
  • Not Specifiedcm
Recommended Weight:
  • 120kg Per Person
Base Included:
  • Yes
Guarantee & Warranty :
  • 3 Year Guarantee & 20 Year Warranty
Bed Size:
  • Queen Bed - 152cm Width
Bed Length:
  • Extra Length - 200cm Length


Bed Size:
Queen 152cm
Extra Length (200cm)

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