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Futon Set

If you're looking for a versatile yet modern space-saving alternative, a Futon Set is exactly what you need. A futon is a Japanese style bed that easily converts into a couch. The futon is meant to act as a bed with a mattress in smaller spaces and since a futon can easily be converted back up into a couch, the accessibility and space saving attributes make the futon a popular choice in home furniture.

Our futon sets includes both the wooden futon frame and futon mattress with slip colour of your choice. Ranging in different sizes and colours, you are spoiled for choice with the clean and practical frame and mattress design. If you enjoy changing up the look of your bedroom regularly, you can purchase additional slip covers in other colours as well.

Futon sets are available in either a 2 piece or 4 piece set, which consist of the following:

Futon 2 Piece Set:

Futon base

Futon mattress in colour of your choice

Futon 4 Piece Set:

Futon base

Futon Mattress in colour of your choice

2 x Matching pedestals