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Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, where we feel safe and escape from the chaos. But with so many personal items we store in here, this safe haven of ours can quickly become cluttered and feel anything but relaxing. Space is often an issue in modern, smaller homes and flats. So, to make the most of your bedroom storage, you need to consider multifunctional furniture pieces and designs that will not only add valuable storage space but will also add to the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

This is the reason why our storage bases are the ultimate solution to your lack of storage space. It is discreet and sure to help you maintain the tranquility in your bedroom! Our range of storage bases are available in various sizes ranging from single beds to king size beds and in 2 various styles, namely the lift storage bases or alternatively wooden bases with drawers.

If your children's rooms are the main concern when it comes to a lack of storage space, we have a cute little storage ladder, bookshelves, toy boxes and storage drawers available.