Exchange Guarantee

Although our consultants are extremely proficient in assisting you with selecting the right bed or mattress for your unique requirements, based on all the information that you provide, because you do not “see” the beds purchased from beds-on-line, we offer you a 14-night exchange guarantee.

It takes a period of no more than 14 nights’ sleeping on your new mattress, to determine whether it is going to provide you with many years of good support, comfort and of course sleep. For some people, it takes a one night, whilst others a while longer, hence why we offer 14 nights’. So, if you find in no less than 10 nights and no more than 14 nights’ sleeping on your new mattress, that it is totally unsuitable and you are not getting the sleep/comfort/support that you feel you should be, we will exchange the model purchased for an alternate model and/or make.

We do not exchange due to aesthetic value as this has no impact on the support nor comfort a mattress or bed set will provide you.

We do ask that you purchase a mattress protector with your new mattress as we will only be able to honour the exchange guarantee if the mattress is still in the original condition, meaning clean with no stains, spills or tears. 

For more info please feel free to contact us on 021 202 2902 or via our online chat.

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