Dreamdefence Pillow Protector

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Many of us don’t give much thought to what our pillows go through and everything that they are exposed to. Dreamdefence Pillow Protectors will keep your pillow free from stains and hygienic for longer.

Pillow Hygiene

When we sleep we perspire, our skin produces oils and we shed dead skin cell. On top of this, our pillows can be exposed to other things such as accidental spills, saliva, makeup and haircare products. All this can in time can stain your pillow and turn it into a breeding ground for bacteria as well as dust mites.

Dust mites are tiny organisms that feed on the dead skin cells that we shed while we’re sleeping. These organisms can cause allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing and trouble breathing. They are also one of the main causes of asthma in children. By protecting your pillow with a Dreamdefence Pillow Protector you prevent the dead skin cells from being absorbed by your pillow, which in turn disturbs the breeding ground of these allergy-causing micro organisms

Why Buy a Dreamdefence Pillow Protector?

Dreamdefence Pillow Protectors are made from terry toweling with a polyurethane lining, making it 100% waterproof. These pillow protectors will prevent stains and protect you from bed bugs, allergies and dust mites, keeping your pillow hygienic for longer.




Protection against stains and allergy causing dust mites
Machine Washable
Do not dry clean
Do not iron: This will damage the waterproof layer
Do not bleach

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