Cloud Nine Memory Foam Pillow

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Finding the perfect bed is one thing, finding that perfect pillow which isn't going to leave you with a stiff neck the next morning, well that's another topic on its own... Luckily the Cloud Nine Gel Memory Foam Pillow is made with your sleeping problems in mind, offering great neck and spinal support night after night. Let's get into the details, shall we?

Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Most of us have felt the soft conforming support of gel memory foam and you might already be sold at this point, but for those who don't know memory foam or what it feels like, know this... Gel Memory foam is one of the few foams in the world which helps with pressure point relief and has amazing conforming properties, shaping to your bodies every unique edge and corner. You might even say that a memory foam pillow adapts to your unique contours, which it literally does, providing a tailor-made comfort.

Great buy for anyone who takes their sleep and health seriously!

Endorsed by CASA

Not only is this Cloud Nine Gel Memory Foam pillow endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa, it's also approved by doctors as a neck supporting pillow. Besides the backing of these highly qualified accolades, we too boast about the pillows exceptional support for one's neck and spine.

Another interesting fact to consider is the relief of shoulder pain one might feel when you have the right cushion. In most cases, the importance of a pillow is forgotten or considered as an afterthought, but the difference it can make for one's sleep and health is amazing! With your neck in its proper position, your spine is aligned throughout the night, leaving you feeling rejuvenated like never before in the mornings.

Conventional or Contour Design?

When placing your order, please be aware that you have the option of two different designs. Please leave us a note on which design you would like upon checkout where a text field is available for any additional message you would like to leave us.

Conventional Pillow Design: This is the shape we have come to love and be familiar with over the years of how a pillow is. A basic rectangle design with flat sides, perfect for people who want to stick to the familiar.

Contour Pillow Design: As the name implies, the cushion has a curve on the one side allowing it to perfectly shape to your neck and shoulder area. This "curve" in the pillow helps tremendously with neck and shoulder pain alike due to the additional support provided by the "curve". Although not too everyone's liking, the contour shaped pillow does yield amazing results for most willing to give the unique design a go.

Final Thoughts

Like mattresses, pillows are a personal choice in comfort. However, some people might find the Cloud Nine Gel Memory Foam Pillow uncomfortable the first few nights, but this might be due to the fact that your neck and spine has gotten so used to the lack of support its been getting, that when your spine is now properly aligned, it feels somewhat, weird. But be patient, after a few nights your spine and neck will start getting used to its proper alignment of support and comfort.

And if you don't experience this "weird" sensation in the beginning, know that you've been looking after yourself really well and have been getting good support all this time. Be assured that with the Cloud Nine Gel Memory Foam Pillow, that support and comfort will remain, if not be improved upon from your old cushions.


Cloud Nine
Comfort Layer:
  • Gel Memory Foam
Peaceful sleep every night with this amazing pillow
This pillow is incredibly comfortable and great to use if you usually wake up with neck pain as it provides all the support you need.
Possibly the most comfortable night's sleep I have ever had with this pillow!
I love the Cloud nine Memory pillow especially knowing it is endorsed by CASA.
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