Cloud Nine Aerosoft Memory Foam Pillow

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Open Cell Airflow Technology

Air channels in the hi-resilient virgin foam core of the Cloud Nine Aerosoft Memory Foam Pillow allows for heat dispersion, which ensures a healthier sleeping climate.

The Memory Foam layer is infused with Blue Gel Beads to provide a cooler sleeping surface and will ensure ultimate comfort and support.

Pressure Relief Support

The unique construction of the Cloud Nine Aerosoft Pillow will provide ultimate support for your head, neck and shoulders as well as alleviate pressure points. This design and support will ensure correct anatomical sleeping posture throughout the night, eliminating shoulder and neck pains.



Cloud Nine
Comfort Layer:
  • Gel Memory Foam
It's much better than any other pillows we've slept on. Have to get used to it. But definitely sleeping better.
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