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If you are the proud parent of a little social butterfly, whose life revolves around play dates and sleepovers, a tri-bunk would be the perfect solution for the lack of space in most modern children's rooms. On the other hand, you might have family and friends who visit and sleepover, in which case a tri-bunk bed would be perfect as well!

A tri-bunk has a double size bed at the bottom and single bunk at the top. Some tri-bunks can also be converted into a comfy couch, which your kids can use while playing PlayStation, Xbox or whatever their favourite games are. With a tri-bunk, you would then have space for them to sleep at night and relax during the day, as well as entertain their friends during sleepovers and play dates.

With a variety of metal tri-bunks as well as wooden tri-bunks, you are sure to find the perfect fit for any bedroom, be it your children's bedroom or a guest bedroom.