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Double Bunk

Bunk beds are making a huge comeback and kids love them every bit as much as adults! Bunk beds create a fun and enjoyable sleeping environment for your children or guests. Additionally, some of the double bunk beds can be separated into two single beds, which is perfect if you want the versatility of making room changes.

When designing your children's rooms, the main problem we tend to have is creating enough space for them to play and pack their toys, without the space looking too cramped or cluttered. A double bunk bed could solve this problem for you, especially if you have little ones sharing a room.

Our twin bunks are available in wooden as well as metal options. Wooden bunk beds offer a variety of finishes, ranging from a natural raw look to a dark mahogany stain. 

For more info and tips on choosing the perfect bunk bed, pop on over to our blog post