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Perfekt Green Bed Sets

Perfekt Green bed sets - Your ideal value for money bed buy. With high quality workmanship, healthy sleep system and affordable pricing, the Perfekt Green bed set range offers you all you need when looking to buy your next bed set online. Most bedding companies offers a range which is fairly similar throughout all of their beds, but the Perfekt Green bed range offers a selection of beds unique to each individual.

If looking for a softer, more medium to plush comfort feel bed with all the premium qualities of memory foam, the Perfekt Memory Pocket is an ideal fit. This model gives you an unique plush feel thanks to the softness of the memory foam mattress and with the healthy sleep system, the bed is not only comfortable, but promotes a healthier nights rest as well. 

When looking for a firm comfort feel bed set, we highly recommend having a look at the Perfeckt Pocket. Using High Density SABS foam support layers, the Perfeck Pocket bed set offers you great comfort with added back support. This firm bed set form part of the Perfekt Green Pocket Series which eliminates partner disturbance for a more peaceful nights rest.

Or maybe you are looking for a more high-end, hand crafted bed? Then the Latex Box Top Pocket bed set is the one for you. Combining Latex foam with High Density SABS support foam layers to create a unique sleeping experience with a medium to firm feel. The Pocket Spring system minimizes partner disturbance whilst the high quality fillings and craftsmanship gives you exceptional comfort and support for a luxurious sleeping experience.

If you are a more economical buyer, looking for an affordable bed set but don’t want to compromise quality - we highly recommend one of our most popular models, the Senator. Offering you the necessary comfort features, this bed set is outstanding value for money with very little competition from any other bed brand. An all rounded great buy for someone looking to buy a high quality bed at an affordable price. 

View the entire range below for more bedding solutions and wake up feeling great each morning with your new bed set purchase from Perfekt Green and Beds on Line. Perfekt bed sets are exclusively available to the greater area of Gauteng and the greater area of the Western Cape for delivery. We can deliver to anywhere else in South Africa, but at an additional cost above the central delivery fee. Should you wish to inquire anything, please feel free to leave us a message using our online contact form and we will get back to you soonest.