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First off, welcome to our online bed shop! Know that we sell the widest range of available mattress brands in South Africa. Choosing a bed set can actually turn out to be harder than most expect. Luckily we have a simple solution to help guarantee you find the perfect bed with the least amount of effort. Fill out this short questionnaire and we'll assign one of our mattress-experts to make recommendations based off of your personal requirements.

Along with nationwide delivery throughout South Africa for 90% of our mattress brands, we also offer exceptionally low bed prices thanks to personal and intrusted relationships built up over the years with these loyal brands. 

So a bed set is quite self-explanatory in its name, but to be clear, with the purchase of any bed set both the mattress and base is included. Feet for the sleeping base is included and in some cases, even adjustable. Knowing your sizes are also important as they range is in 7 different bed sizes with 2 available lengths.

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We ask that you understand the importance of your sleep and be less concerned with the price of the beds at first and rather be geared towards finding a bed set that works for you as an individual. Remember, each group of beds are intended to cater for a unique set of needs, so finding the group that'll work for you is priority number one. Once you have more of an understanding of the kind of support and comfort you need, then start looking at options which suit your budget. And don't forget, we're here to help and it's absolutely free, so use our expertise should you need it.