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Mattress & Pillow Protectors

Trust us when we say, you NEED both a mattress and pillow protector! First, we need to understand that a mattress protector is an additional bedding layer which is put over your mattress to help protect it. Protect against what you might ask? Well, every person naturally perspirate during their sleep and if all you have is a thin sheet between you and your mattress, over time, a characteristic yellowish-brown stain will appear on the top of your mattress and get this, no mattress manufacturer covers that under warranty. So see it more as an investment than anything else, insurance if you like.

Okay but what else? Well not only does a mattress protector keep your mattress from forming perspiration stains which voids your mattress-warranty, but they also help protect against dust mites, bed bugs, mold, dead skin (dandruff) and other allergens.

So keep your sleeping environment a healthy one and protect your mattress and pillows with these protectors: