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Adjustable Beds - Sealy, Genessi and Cloud Nine Motion Beds

Motion beds provide the absolute pinnacle of comfort thanks to multiple ergonomic positionings available, allowing you to tailor your mattress support to your desire with only a click of a button. This adjustable and comforting feature in all our Motion Beds makes for a more pleasing experience when watching TV, reading a book, working on your laptop or just finding a more comfortable resting position.

We offer 3 main motion bed options; Sealy, Cloud Nine and Genessi. Depending on your desired level of luxury and available budget, each motion bed has its own unique set of feature ranging from the most available functionalities which would be your Sealy Adjustable bed through to the Genssi Motion which has fewer features than the Sealy and Cloud Nine motion beds, but on the upside, offers a lower price tag.

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