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Edblo Genoa Three Quarter Mattress - Foam Collection

Edblo Genoa Three Quarter Mattress - Foam Collection

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Keeping in mind that you spend more time on your bed than any other furniture piece, it is important to consider what your personal preference is when it comes to the comfort and support level of your bed. 

The all-foam Edblo Genoa Three Quarter Mattress with added latex will be the perfect choice for you if you are looking for maximum support enhanced with a latex layer.

Hygienic Bamboo Fabric

With the all organic and healthy trend gaining immense popularity, bamboo fabric has shot up in rankings as the most comfortable and healthy option when choosing personal products such as a mattress.

One of bamboo's fundamental benefits is it's hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. This makes bamboo the best-suited choice for people who suffer from allergies and other medical conditions. Another substantial benefit to bamboo fabric is its ability to absorb moisture through microscopic holes which in turn allows the moisture to evaporate, keeping your mattress fresh, odour free and hygienic for longer.

Latex Pillow Top for Support

Latex is a resilient foam, making it more buoyant than the Memory Foam alternative. If you prefer a firmer, more responsive feel to your mattress, then the Edblo Genoa Three Quarter Mattress will be the better option. 

Another important feature of Latex is that it will conform to your body and support the pressure points on your body, namely your hips, spine, and shoulders. This ability will aid pain relief, ensuring a good nights rest.

One of the leading trends in the mattress market is the breathability and temperature control abilities of the mattress. Intricate cell construction in Latex makes it naturally breathable which in turn will keep you cool and comfortable.

Resilient Foam Layers

Specially selected resilient foam layers make up the core of your mattress, giving you the required firmness and support. This supportive core combined with the pillow top latex comfort layer will give you everything you expect from a mattress.


If you prefer the firm feel of an all-foam mattress compared to a spring mattress, the Edblo Genoa Three Quarter Mattress will be a perfect choice. Resilient high-density foam layers combined with the innovative latex pillow top will give you conforming comfort, pressure point relief, and optimal overall support.


Mattress Range:
  • Edblo Foam Collection
Support Construction:
  • High Density Foam System
Mattress Comfort:
  • Medium Comfort
Comfort Layer:
  • Latex Foam
Mattress Top Design:
  • Pillow Top
Recommended Weight:
  • Not Specified Per Person
Base Included:
  • No
Guarantee & Warranty :
  • 1 Year Guarantee & 9 Year Warranty
Bed Size:
  • Three Quarter Bed - 107cm Width
Bed Length:
  • Standard Length - 188cm Length


Bed Size:
Three Quarter 107cm
Standard Length (188cm)

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