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Edblo Bastion Three Quarter Mattress Extra Length - Classic Collection

Edblo Bastion Three Quarter Mattress (Extra Length) - Classic Collection

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Edblo, a proudly South African Brand, has been developing and manufacturing beds in South Africa since 1927. It will, therefore, be safe to say that choosing Edblo as your sleeping partner will be your first step to waking up to a better life!

Edblo's Classic Collection, featuring the famed Bonnel Spring System, promises to give you a good night's sleep on a quality mattress, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on any day!

The Edblo Bastion Three Quarter Mattress offers you maximum comfort and proper support for your spine by contouring your body perfectly.

Edblo Classic Pillow Top

Pillow Top Mattresses represent the pinnacle of luxury in the bedding industry. In addition to the plush, luxurious feel, pillow top mattresses provide other key benefits. Extra cushioning layers of the pillow top gently contour your body and automatically adjusts to the different pressure points of the body, namely your back, hips, and shoulders. Combining factors such as comfort through contouring and pressure point support make pillow top mattresses one of the best choices for reducing pain while sleeping.

The Pillow Top layer not only makes the mattress cozy and comfortable to sleep on but also absorbs and contains movement - a perfect feature for the light sleepers!

Edblo Bonnel Spring System

Bonnell coils are the oldest form of steel springs first adapted from buggy seat springs in the 19th century. Bonnell springs are heat tempered, round-top, hourglass-shaped steel wire coils laced together with cross wire helicals. They are made by using the finest raw material, ensuring extra support and durability. The sturdy Bonnell Spring System combined with the Pillow Top layer creates a long-lasting and supportive mattress.

Edblo Ultra Care Treatment

Edblo's innovative UltraCare Fabric Treatment on the Edblo Bastion Single Bed Set ensures a hygienic sleeping surface by eliminating germs, bacteria, bad odours, and allergens. Antimicrobial properties of the UltraCare treatment also keep you safe from the development of fungi and mould, thus extending the lifespan of your mattress from a hygiene perspective.

And what will Edblo Beds be without the little extras?

Edblo Comfort Layers

Carefully selected layers of resilient, high-density foam used in the iconic Pillow Top design provide you with extra support and exceptional comfort.

Edblo Edge Support

Additional Sprung Edge Support prevents edge-sag and keeps the edge of the mattress firm enough, allowing you to sleep right up to the edge, thus increasing the usable surface area of your mattress.

Edblo Insulator Pad

A superior insulator pad prevents you from feeling the actual springs as well as the added comfort layers from shifting.

So what is the conclusion?

If you are looking for a mattress with trustworthy technology, decent support, and a luxurious feel, the Edblo Bastion Three Quarter Mattress is the right choice for you!


Mattress Range:
  • Edblo Classic Collection
Support Construction:
  • Bonnell Coil System
Mattress Comfort:
  • Medium Comfort
Comfort Layer:
  • High Density Foam
Mattress Top Design:
  • Pillow Top
Recommended Weight:
  • Not Specified Per Person
Base Included:
  • No
Guarantee & Warranty :
  • 1 Year Guarantee & 9 Year Warranty
Bed Size:
  • Three Quarter Bed - 107cm Width
Bed Length:
  • Extra Length - 200cm Length


Bed Size:
Three Quarter 107cm
Extra Length (200cm)

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