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How important is the right pillow? How important is the right pillow?
by Liezel Willis - 11/12/2017

We'll take a look at how you know when it's time to replace your pillow and more importantly, how to choose the right pillow for you.

What bedding terms should I know? Bedding terms to know when shopping for a new bed
by Liezel Willis - 16/11/2017

In this article, we will discuss support systems and comfort levels available when choosing a new bed

Buying a new bed? Buying a new bed? Here are 6 tips to help
by Liezel Willis - 31/10/2017

Choosing a new mattress can seem like quite a daunting task with the limitless options available in the bedding industry today. So, if you’re in the market for a new mattress, it definitely helps to be armed...

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